Remote Development Center

Hire our expert developers to get an extra pool of resources

If you are a freelancer, a business consultant or an agency with a client base having technology requirements, you need a flexible and reliable software development partner on your side.

Consider Finlark as your development center from a different location. Get quick access to a large pool of experienced professionals whenever you need.
Dhruvil Modi

Business Analyst

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Process of Hiring

  • We Analyze

    Our business analyst will get in touch with you to understand the skillset you require and for what duration.

  • We Allocate

    We will assign the best suitable talent for your work along with one dedicated project coordinator to ensure smooth workflow management.

  • You Manage

    As you are the one in touch with the end client, you can better manage the hired team with the help of our in-house project coordinator.

  • You Control

    You can request to add, remove or replace any team member anytime as per your changing requirements.

Skillset We Offer

Mobile App
Web Frontend
Web Backend
Server Technologies

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