Web App Development

Simply put, a web app is a website that can perform tasks!

A web app is the advanced version of a regular website where users can perform multiple tasks. Gmail, Netflix, Airbnb, and Amazon are some popular examples of modern web apps.

Modern web technologies enable us to develop web apps which can run in a web browser of a mobile device and deliver the same experience as a mobile app. Known as progressive apps, they can be a great strategy for businesses that don't have a budget for mobile apps.
Kunal Udani

Head of Tech

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Features We Build

  • Mobile Responsive
  • SDK Integrations
  • Add to Home Screen
  • Multilingual Support
  • Multicurrency Payments
  • E-commerce Features
  • Live Location Features
  • Audio & Video Streaming
  • Search Functionality
  • Live Chat Features
  • User Analytics

Our Web App Development Process

  • Business analysis

    For any business, launching a web app along with the native mobile apps don't always necessary. We would like to discuss your overall go to the market strategy before jumping onto the project planning.

  • Technical analysis

    Web apps, even progressive web apps also have some technical limitations. We will understand your overall business offerings and conduct a proper technical analysis on your project offerings.

  • Sprint planning

    We follow a standard agile process to development projects. Will divide your project into the number of development sprints and provide you with proper time and cost analysis of the whole project.

  • Development and testing

    Agile development process gives us enough room to test and improvise the product during the development phase. At the end of the final sprint, we will be ready to deploy the web app into the early adopters.

Technologies We Work With

Web Frontend
Web Backend
Server Technologies

Have a project in mind?

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